The Squirrel

Artist: Unnatural Borders 

Year of Commission: 2018 

Running time: unlimited 

Type of artwork: a sculpture using projection. 

Requirements: A plinth 2.4m x 1.2m x 1.5m high, as dark an area as possible, power supply. 

The Squirrel was one element of Unnatural Borders, a Quays Culture commission by Sober Industries (Nl) first presented as part of our then annual summer showcase. Unnatural Borders explored the interaction and impact between human civilization and the animal kingdom. 

Sedentary during the day, The Squirrel comes to life as the sun sets through the use of projection mapping technology, creating a mesmeric visual display. 

For specific technical details please view the The Squirrel Tour Pack

The Squirrel, original artwork by Tim Boin. Projection by Dave Lynch, Photograph by Joel Chester Fildes