Cinema Truck

1 November 2014, MediaCityUK

The Cinema Truck was a pop-up showcase of new, innovative film-makers in the heart of MediaCityUK for one day only. Located on the Piazza and completely free, this truck presented an exciting programme of work, including winners of the ‘Northern Artists Film Competition’, drawing on themes of movement and location: our position in the North, the rhythms of human bodies, bodies of water. The full programme is listed below.

We also played host to Quarantine‘s The Soldier Song. Developed through conversations with soldiers over an 18 month period, the concept is simple: film soldiers singing classic karaoke songs and offer audiences the opportunity to sing with them inside a purpose built sound proof karaoke booth. Both fun and silly, its hard not to enjoy a sing-a-long! And yet, inevitably, the encounter with those who serve their country in our name is a mixed bag of emotions that, through the nature of the close personal encounter, challenges and provokes and asks us to consider how we feel about them and what they do.

Northern Artists’ Film

Double Over by Amelia Crouch
Experimental, 1’23″

Dream Machine by Sarah Hill
Experimental, 7’20″

Kitchen Collider by Joe Stokes
Experimental/Projection, 0’52″

Untitled (Radial) by Jesc Bunyard
Experimental, 0’50″

Chalk Trace by Esther Johnson
Photography/Animation/Creative documentary, 2’27“

Composition  by Chris Hall
Experimental, 5’20″

The Fair by Rose Butler
Moving Image, 2’47″

How To Choose by Cecilia Stenbom
Moving Image, 3’00″

Nature House Inc by Nick Jordan
Experimental, 6’12″

Josephine and the Leopard  by Jade Monsterrat
Moving Image, 6’01″

The Day She Danced for Survival by Sois de Traca
Experimental Animation 1’00″

Young Angry Men by John Wannehag
Dance on film, 5’06″

Global Amnesia by Tessa Green
Experimental, 3’18″

Untitled Google Searches (Runaway)  by Alexander Morrison
Experimental Animation, 0’01″ (loop)

Mania by Abigail McVeigh
Moving Image, 3’22″

The Swendenborg Institute by Kevin Craig
Moving Image, 9’17″

LUX Looking, Mediated

Marte e Venere – A Handheld Monument by Johann Arens
HD video, colour, sound, 2013, 10’08″

Bastards 01-06 by Fabienne Hess
Image archive, colour, silent, 2013/14, 5’00″

Object Interviews (Part I) by Patrick Hough 
HD video, colour, sound, 2013, 6’07″

The Future Queen of the Screen by Helen Carmel Benigson 
HD video, colour, sound, 2011, 9’18″

Shrugging Offing by Lucy Clout 
HD video, colour, sound, 2013, 10’39″

Object Interviews (Part II) by Patrick Hough
HD video, colour, sound, 2013, 14’10″

The Pines by Richard Healy
HD video, colour, sound, 2014, 4’50″

Body Language

Eclipse (2013)
Producers: David Cooper and Linda Arkelian, Choreography: Linda Arkelian, Performers: Darren Devaney and Thibaut Eiferman
UK Premiere

and time yet (2013)
Directors: Amy Watson and Rocco Sulkin, Producers: nylon theatre and Electric Copy Films, Choreography: Amy Watson, Performers: Hannah Wroblewski and Shaun Dillon

Flow (2014)
Director: Paul McNulty, Producer: Bryony Mylroie-Smith, Performers: Daniel Phung and Kayleigh Price
International premiere

Shadows That We Are (2014)
Producer: Erion Kruja, Choreography: Erion Kruja, Performers: Rovena Shqevi and Erion Kruja
International Premiere

Providence (2014)
Director: Sam Amos, Producer: Sam Amos and Peter Marmack, Performers: Sam Amos

Doppel (2013)
Director: Leila Ziu, Producers: Hofesh Shechter Company, Maëva Berthelot and Leila Ziu, Choreography: Maëva Berthelot, Performers: Maëva Berthelot


Kaskaskia by Jacob Cartwright
2013, 7’30”

Nonchalant 1/ pier by Arttu Merimaa
2013, 2’10”

No Passage Landward by Jacob Cartwright
2014, 4’21”

Shore by Andy Paton and John Bradburn
2007, 5’59”

Animate Projects

Move on Up is a festival of dynamic, exciting, provocative and beautiful films made by animation artists in the UK over last 20 years. All 16 films have been selected from the Animate Collection, the premier online resource for experimental animation that can be found at The earlier films were commissioned for Arts Council England and Channel 4’s renowned animation scheme, AnimateTV (1990 to 2009); later films – Edgeland Mutter, Engine Angelic and Love Brid – were commissioned for online exhibition.

Running order:

  • Early Birds (Suky Best, 5’17”, 2008)
  • Tad’s Nest (Petra Freeman, 4’48”, 2009)
  • Hypnomart (Joe Magee and Alistair Gentry, 3’47”, 2001)
  • Sunset Strip (Kayla Parker, 3’30”, 1996)
  • Edgeland Mutter (Andrew Kötting, 3’58”, 2009)
  • 13 (Simon Faithfull, 5’25”, 2004)
  • Z (Alan Warburton, 3’00”, 2012)
  • End of the Street (Andy Martin, 4’57”, 2007)
  • Save Me (Stuart Hilton, 6’10”, 1994)
  • Love Brid (Susan Collins, 3’20”, 2009)
  • Engine Angelic (Katerina Athanasopoulou, 2’45”, 2010)
  • Flight (Dryden Goodwin, 7’43”, 2005)
  • Without You (Tal Rosner, 4’50”, 2008)
  • Jukebox (Run Wrake, 4’56”, 1994)
  • Magnetic Movie (Semiconductor, 4’42”, 2007)
  • As the Crow Flies (Carolina Melis and Susanne Flender, 5’20”, 2005)