Mystery Bird

Artists: Helen Musselwhite, Jason Singh, Illuminos, M3 Industries and Jack Hardiker 

Year of Commission: 2020 

Running time: 8 minute loop 

Type of artwork: mobile / roaming through urban streets, like a modern day carnival float 

Requirements: flat bed truck, projection surfaces on either side of the truck 

Mystery Bird consists of an illuminated bird cage, a magical sound scape, and projection that will escape, cover the surrounding buildings and thrill an audience of all ages, abilities and accessibility. 

Mystery Bird. It was born in the wake of strict social distancing measures when many of us experienced a renewed interest in our natural surroundings – discerning birdsong again at a time when the world was quietly held at a temporary standstill.  Birds are symbolic of hope and our desire for freedom and engagement with nature is widely recognised as inherently positive for humans – making us feel alive and connected to our fragile eco-system. 

For specific technical details please view the Mystery Bird Tour Pack