Unnatural Borders

MediaCityUK Waterside, 20-29 May 2017

Summer 2017 saw endangered species from land and sea gather to inhabit the metropolis of MediaCityUK. These large sculptures were in place to question our responsibility to these beautiful creatures, and our own understanding of natural and man-made borders and boundaries in these changing modern days. 

By day the sculptures towered over the public on four large plinths, and illuminated by night with stunning visual projections.

This was a Quays Culture commission by Sober Industries (Nl) for our annual free summer showcase of spectacular art that embraces technology in its creation and exhibition. Unnatural Borders explored the interaction and impact between human civilization and the animal kingdom. 

Photo by Joel Chester Fildes

« of 20 »

By day the animals set an impressive skyline and started discussion around endangered species and human impact on the planet. By night the sculptures came to life as they were illuminated by stunning projected animations. The festival hosted a series of talks and workshops for visitors  from Greater Manchester and beyond to help everyone to find out more about this mix of sculpture and cutting edge technology.

Quays Culture now own the beautiful Squirrel and it is available hire and to tour

Images by Joel Fildes Photography