Cathedral of Mirrors

Artist: Mads Christensen 

Year of Commission: 2015 

Running time: unlimited 

Type of artwork: interactive sculpture. 

Requirements: indoor only, floor space of 600m x 600m, 4.5m high, power supply. 

Commissioned for Lightwaves 2015, Cathedral of Mirrors comprises of 12 mirrored columns, each standing at a height of 12 ft. The towering installation reflects the viewer during the day, and at night the internal LED lights react to human movement, creating patterns across a spectrum of colours. This playful relationship, created by digital interactivity with human movement encourages audiences to gather and weave through the columns, creating more light energy as more people gather 

For specific technical details please view the Cathedral of Mirrors Tour Pack

Mads Christensen: Cathedral of Mirrors. Photo by Joel Chester Fildes