Heart Beat

Winner Of The 2017 International Darc Award

Artist: GNI Projects

Year of Commission: 2016

Running time: unlimited

Type of artwork: interactive sculpture.

Requirements: level site with a minimum size of 15m x 15m, power supply.

Heart Beat invites audiences to join hands with a friend or loved one in order to complete the circuit to reveal the symbol of a heart.

Heart Beat is an interactive installation, 3 cubes are attached to each other with a pulse line that runs through the sculpture. Heart Beat incorporates perspective interplay through the seemingly sporadic positioning of steel rods. From the side, audiences see a heart rate line running through the structure. Audiences are encouraged to use the touch sensors and hold hands in order to complete the circuit, uniting what appear to be fragmented components to reveal the symbol of a heart. 

For specific technical details please view the Heart Beat Tour Pack

GNI Projects: Heart Beat. Photo by Joel Chester Fildes