Homage to the Rain – new artist film commission to be premiered at Lightwaves 2019

We often curse it – but we can’t live without it. Rain that is. And there are few places in the UK more likely to involve the effect of rain than Manchester, the Rainy City. Now a collective of local deluge enthusiasts are creating an art film celebration of rain around the globe, how we react to it and how it changes our lives.

Entitled Homage to the Rain, the work will be created by filmmaker Antony Barkworth-Knight, musicians Rob Turner, Sam Healey, Conor Miller and digital strategist Rebecca Rae-Evans and will have its World Premiere at Lightwaves festival at Salford Quays on Friday December 6.

“We are reaching out to people all over the world to send in their videos shot on a mobile phone of rain,” explains Rebecca who has a long history of using social media to bring people and content together.

“Through the prism of the phenomena of rainfall we will see how people are living around the world in 2019; what are our homes like? What environments do we live in? Our clothes, our culture, our surrounding landscape, our way of life. How is this transformed when it rains?”

Homage to the Rain will be a short film on a loop set to an original score. After the Lightwaves World Premiere, it will be released globally online, and an edition of the film will enter the University of Salford Art Collection. The project is co-commissioned by Quays Culture and University of Salford Art Collection.

Please see this short teaser of what to expect:

Homage to the Rain is a new artist film by Antony Barkworth-Knight, Rebecca Rae-Evans, Rob Turner, Sam Healey and Conor Miller.