Announcing: SHINE Artists

After shortlisting and interviews, we are delighted to announce that we will be presenting work from 4 emerging artists at Lightwaves 2017 through the SHINE Programme in collaboration with Light Night Leeds. Artists include:

Brink Dance Company and Howl Creative

A collaborative installation piece combining live dance performance with projection (digital and physical worlds), looking at the theme of escapism. 

Kira Zhigalina

Immersive interactive installation called ‘Symbiosis’, which visualises breathing. Sensors in the work pick up participants’ breathing rates and this is converted into a digital representation through LEDs.

Naifei Wu

Storyteller #2 is an installation made up of robots which have been programmed to interact with audiences and tell local stories of people from Salford. 

Will Hurt

Abstract Playground AP4 is part video game, part musical instrument, allowing audiences to reconfigure an iconic building at The Quays, playing with a geometric design to create their own digital version of the physical form.

Each artist will receive a bespoke training package as well as mentoring and support during installation. It’s going to be a fantastic learning curve as they develop their practice and a unique opportunity to show their work in an outdoor setting. Stay tuned for further details.

Laiki #5 by Edyta Masior at Lightwaves 2016. Image c/o ShortForm