Building Unnatural Borders

With 2 days until the launch of Unnatural Borders, it’s all hands on deck with the build. Radios are buzzing with activity, trucks are unloading materials and Sober Industries are working alongside Quays Culture and local suppliers to make the event happen.

A scaffold tower has been built to house the projectors, which are set to throw bold and bright visuals onto the crisp white sculptures after sunset. Each sculpture, polar bear, blue whale, bumblebee and red squirrel, has its own plinth which raises is it high above the ground. Audiences can get up close and personal with these geometric creatures, moving between them on the stepped waterside and seeing them from a multitude of angles and perspectives.

Artists Sober Industries, headed up by Tim Boin, are now ready to start programming the projections ahead of Saturday. Stay tuned on social media for previews and pictures. The Quays is set to come alive with these nocturnal species.

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