Unnatural Borders: Endangered Species in The City

By on March 31, 2017

Ever seen a polar bear at the tram stop? What about a whale out of water? Unnatural Borders is set to blur the lines between nature and the built environment through the installation of 4 huge sculptures representing endangered species at MediaCityUK. They’ll be taking residency from Saturday 20th May until Monday 29th May and brought to life when the sun sets with projection mapping technology, creating a stunning visual display.

Unnatural Borders is a Quays Culture commission by Sober Industries, a creative production company based in The Netherlands. They like to use technology in a creative way to trigger emotions and stimulate curiosity in their audiences. They’re adept with a range of different light-technology including projection mapping, LED technology and laser-cutting/engraving. Having previously worked with big brands such as Disney and MTV, we’re incredibly excited to have them on board. Check out the video below for a taste of what you can expect.



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