It Takes Two: Cultural Exchange with Duet

Quays Culture are proud to have co-commissioned Duet, a new digital experience which facilitates cultural exchange between the UK and India.

Duet officially took off on 23rd February, asking ‘What is the bravest thing you’ve ever done?’ The question prompted a total of 5 responses, which varied from facing fears of open water to changing career paths. Fast-forward to 24th March and there are 282 active users; 141 pairs in transnational conversation sharing details of their daily routines, memories and interests.

DUET is an ambitious project spanning continents and media. We hope it allows people the space for everyday reflection, not only about themselves, but also about their perceptions of others’ 
Ben Eaton, Artist, Invisible Flock

The premise of the app is simple. After pairing you with a partner, Duet will ask one carefully curated question a day for both participants to answer. Over the course of a year, you’ll reflect together and build a picture of your partner’s life and their surroundings.

‘It made me feel reflective…about my own life, but also how my life compares to others in the world.’
Anonymous participant

‘It was great to take the time out to be more observant and introspective, and then to write it all Down’
Anonymous participant

Want to join the conversation? Download the app for iOS and Android or visit the Duet website for more details.


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