2019 Events


During the summer of 2019 we hosted a free 4-day unforgettable event!!

The festival started on Thu 30 May with the opening of Arboria an epic structure that transported people to a sensory world of light and colour situated on the Piazza at MediaCityUK.

Once inside, you were free to explore the dazzling maze of winding paths and soaring domes.  

Photo Credit: Joel Chester Fildes


Providing an enthralling finale to Quays Festival 2019 on the Sun 02 June High Wire artist Chris Bullzini performed an epic two hundred metre long journey across the water from a tower near The Alchemist restaurant across the water to MediaCityUK.

Using only a pole for balance, Bullzini amazed audiences with a stunning journey of daring performance upon a single wire suspended high across the dock.

Photo Credit: Joel Chester Fildes


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