Through No.4 by Liz West

Through No.4 by Liz West

MediaCityUK steps
New permanent outdoor installation

Launched as part of Quays Festival 2021 but here to stay permanently is Through No.4 – a six-metre long triangular corridor of light and colour installed at MediaCityUK, Salford. The walk-through structure encourages visitors to look at their surroundings in a different light. Making their way inside the multi-coloured corridor through either side of the structure, visitors can see the world around them transformed by saturate colour. The coloured barrier between the outside and inside creates a multi-coloured striped cloak and distortion in an array of different hues and overlaid mixed colours, transforming the usual colourations and appearance of the outside environment. Positioned outdoors on the MediaCityUK steps, the installation is free to visit at any time.

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