Quays Culture commission tours to Light Night Worcester

Youth Culture by Stanza was presented at Light Night Worcester on 16th January 2020, featuring as part of their inaugural light night that saw thousands of people populating the streets of Worcester to experience work from local, national and international artists.

Youth Culture is a towering hooded sculpture designed to captivate audiences and challenges perceptions around anti-social behaviour. With embedded cameras and screens, this digitally interactive artwork responds to everything around it, displaying the data it receives on mini screens and illumination built into the sculpture.

 For one night only, Worcester High Street became home to a range of light sculptures, installations and performances, inspired by the connections we have with each other and the world around us. Following the success and popularity of the first Light Night organised by The Arches Worcester Festivals, we look forward to what future years will bring!

 Upcoming tours include the presentation of Heart Beat in Preston in February 2020. For more information on hiring our artworks, please visit quaysculture.com/touring

Youth Culture by Stanza
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